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San Vito - Album Review

Aggiornamento: 19 apr

I have often found myself thinking that this is one of the most underrated soft rock bands ever. San Vito further proved I was right. In an age of overproduction where rock bands seem to have decided to put their instruments aside and to be incapable of recreating the sounds that made them who they are, The Feeling have instead managed to create a brilliant, old-school album. Powerful bass lines (like in War's Not Won). Joyous sounds and splendid succession and mix of instruments (as in My Way Up and Everyday and All of the Night). Catchy rhythms (as in Join in The Noise). Well-made references to and links with previous albums (Eyes Open). Impeccable climax and choice of concluding tracks (Everyday and All of the Night and Beautiful Lies). And wonderful vocals throughout the whole record. Alternative/soft rock goers have been missing an album like this for a while. Alongside The Feeling, one of the band's best albums so far. Reflecting on the period spent in Puglia, Italy recording the album, Dan said 'this album's been a real joy to make'. You can certainly tell.

Tracks you should listen to: Everyday and All of the Night, My Way Up, War's Not Won

Tracks I would have refined further: I Won't Sleep Tonight, Sun Won't Shine

With the band at their live + signing event at Rough Trade East, London in April 2024

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